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Mums, dads and families can now buy affordable E-bikes so that they can enjoy days on beautiful trails together. Hills and wind are no problem. People that live alone can get out meet friends and feel part of the world again and the great freedom it gives them.

The greatest features of these NCM E-bikes are their looks, their affordability and availability. They allow families and couples to get into amazing affordable E-bikes, feel the thrill of cruising up steep roads and trails with only light peddling or biking into strong winds. It's the most amazing feeling of freedom and joy. In these uncertain times of Covid they allow people to get out, put their troubles behind them, meet up with friends and have fun together.

Doug Rabbitt (Central Otago)

Doug Rabbitt

I was happy with my part time job delivering freight to businesses in Queenstown and Wanaka. Then covid hit and my job was gone. So I had all this energy and enthusiasm, but nowhere to use it. I can only play so much golf - especially the way I play it!

Then along came this opportunity to sell these new-to-NZ NCM E-bikes and now with about 60 sales already in under 2 months to extremely happy new NCM E-bike owners I have plenty of opportunity to use my energy and enthusiasm. It's given a great boost in my life, I love selling these because of the happiness, freedom and joy it gives my clients.

The most amazing thing is when people come here to try them. I see reservations on their faces but once I see them try the E-Bikes, they are all smiles and almost always buying. It's a most enjoyable feeling for me to experience this and to be able sell such great affordable E-bikes that bring my clients so much joy.

Pene Mallon (Tauranga)

E-Bike New Zealand with free delivery

When my Uncle Doug offered me the opportunity to be his Tauranga Agent for these wonderful E-bikes, I jumped at the chance!

I currently run my own Music Academy but also have a sporting background representing both Southland Country and Bay of Plenty Senior Netball teams.

In 2016 I had a triple back fusion which severely limited my ability to engage in any exercise or sport. As a result, I became inactive and extremely frustrated.

Having my own E-bike has given me a whole new lease of life. I am riding every day and have biked all over Tauranga and Mount Maunganui. I am sure people can see me coming from miles away as I have the biggest smile on my face! I had forgotten about the serotonin buzz from exercising!
I have been a secondary school teacher and a coach of many netball teams and love nothing more than imparting my knowledge to my charges and encouraging them to succeed. Selling E-bikes is giving me the same rewards.

I love seeing my customers grinning from ear to ear when they jump on their new bike and ride off into the sunset.